June 30th, 2006


From Vladimir Lossky

The love of God for man is so great that it cannot constrain; for there is no love without respect. Divine will always will submit itself to groping, to detours, even to revolts of human will to bring it to a free consent: of such is divine providence, and the classical image of the pedagogue must seem feeble indeed to anyone who has felt God as a beggar of love waiting at the soul’s door without even daring to force it.
Eastern Orthodox Theology: An Introduction

A good thing to peruse...for some...

Here we have a good paper arguing that the teaching of the New Testament is that of union with Christ, over and above penal substitution.  It also does much to call into question the Reformation doctrine of imputed righteousness.  It is written in a Catholic perspective, from a gentleman by the name of David Chiang, and I think that many of his arguments can be shared by the Orthodox.  A very interesting read.

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