July 11th, 2006


Orthodox-Catholic Relations

Posted by this man on this comment board:

I tend to think of the schism as like that of an estranged married couple. The Orthodox Church is like the wife who’s still tending the old home and garden, more or less content with her life, her grown children, and her friends. The Catholic Church is like the husband who went off to "bigger and better things," expecting his wife to come along with him because he, after all, is the lord and master. But she thinks he got too big for his britches and thus rejects his authoritarianism, his associations, and his newfangled ideas. She’s willing in principle to have him back if he chooses, but can’t quite decide whether it’s better to think the marriage is just over and done with. He’s more than willing for her to come along and join up with him again, and can’t quite understand why she continues to resist his entreaties as more of the Same Old Thing that landed them where they are.

When a couple like that talks, they usually fight.


Change and Discontinuity

Last night we held a feast in our backyard to celebrate the good times at Beth Shalom and to acknowledge that these good times are destined to end soon.  Not only is the LVC year about to come to an end, but the Beth Shalom house itself will be moving in the last week of our LVC stint, never again to be filled by such giant hearts.

I had a wonderful time speaking with Hallie, one of the four people of whom I will be moving in with come August.  We share a common theological language and we spoke of our common experiences.  It was somewhat of a welcome respite from caution.  New times are coming with new words and new pains and new places to lay one's head.

And soon everything does change. 

Constant Sorrows!

I am a man who makes very much out of very vague religious experiences.  I would rather be someone who makes very little out of very concrete religious experiences.