July 12th, 2006


...a carpet without a stain

How is it that we have found ourselves half way through the work-week? Time passes, that is for sure. I have been exceptionally tired these last few mornings- removing myself from bed has been a difficult chore. Perhaps the spirit of summer has quietly slipped into my sleeping patterns, making rest elusive and causing an uncommon number of late-nights.
I have a host of clouded thoughts that I would like to make into a summary of the new experiences of this past year here in the Twin Cities. These include my time in LVC, my relationship with a certain angel, and my entrance into the Orthodox faith. It would seem to me that my entire life has taken a new course, not just in what I am doing but in what I am thinking and reading and dedicating time to. 
But such a summary would be quite a task, and one need only skim through the backlogs of this journal to discover that my long entries are few are far between, somewhat banal, and, if actually printed, would most likely be burned.
Of course, this mindless self-analysis doesn’t bode well for a healthy, growing readership either. I am as one banging cymbals together; a ruckus without a reason; a word without a pronunciation; a bird missing a wing; an Englishman without an accent; a carpet without a stain. 
Good Lord!