July 13th, 2006


Simplicity as Evangelical Poverty

I listened to Fr. John Corapi on the radio earlier this morning.  He spoke of a holy and evangelistic poverty- a poverty that, to whatever degree God calls a person, identifies that person with Christ in His condescension, His kenosis.  And I wonder: What have I renounced?  Yes, I have a very limited funds in my volunteer position, but I begrudge them all and cling to them as if they are my very life.  Ultimately I do not believe that in giving up what I deem as good I'll actually be inheriting what is very great.  I am not willing to trade my dirt for His gold, to use Fr. Corapi's words.  Christ saved us through His total love which expressed itself in total pain and total self-abnegation.  He thus calls us to enter into this salvation through the very same means.  There are few that answer with a resounding yes, and they are those of whom we call saints.