July 26th, 2006


Time to Do

I am thinking of the future this morning, watching worry and hope ebb and flow, alternating and letting me know that I am busy. I will be working full-time and attending Metro State part-time throughout the coming year. These are important things that will keep me busy. In this business I must be careful to keep my mind on even more important things; namely in giving love and attention to the girl who deserves more love and attention than I’ll ever be able to give, and in staying engaged in the Church; both in attending liturgies and in setting time aside for the prayers and meditations and readings that the Church calls me to each day.

For those of you that pray, please do so for me.

By the way, I took down the post with the photos. It appears that only I could view the photos, which defeated the purpose.

Mr. Stevens and His Work

I was given Sufjan Steven's The Avalanche, a collection of extra tracks and b-sides from his wonderful Illinois album.  Despite being composed of tracks that didn't make the cut, it is very very good.  For those of you who own Illinois already, I highly recommend the purchase of The Avalanche.  If you own neither, pick up Illinois and go from there.

Also, I recommend wearing a belt if your pants hang low and washing your hands after handling red meat.