July 31st, 2006


He doesn't give the proof we desire

The first two temptations begin with the phrase, “If you are the Son of God…” We will hear this phrase again from those who taunted our Lord at the foot of the cross: “If you are the Son of God, come down from the cross” (Mt 27:40). That is mockery, but, at the same time, a challenge: Christ should go about proving his claim, if he is to be believed. This demand for proof runs through the entire story of Jesus’ life; over and over again he encounters the reproach that he has not proved himself sufficiently, that he still must perform the great miracle that will remove all ambiguity and disagreement and make it clear to everyone, beyond dispute, who and what he is or is not. And we make this same demand of God and Christ and his Church throughout the course of history: If you exist, God, then you will have to show yourself. You will have to part the clouds that conceal you and give us the clarity that we deserve. If you, Christ, are really the Son, and not just one of those enlightened individuals who keep appearing in the course of history, then you will have to demonstrate it more clearly than you are doing now. And if the Church is really supposed to be yours, then you will have to make her a little more unequivocal than she is in actuality.
From (former) Cardinal Ratzinger

Let us Share our Foolishness

I compulsively purchase caffeinated beverages (particularly coffee) and books.  The former is a physical addiction, the latter is more of an emotional addiction.  The two come together into somewhat of  social addiction, as I go to a coffee shop to sit and read my newly-purchased texts.  It is very hard for me to control the purchase of both of these items.  What do you buy compulsively?