August 1st, 2006


A short update for Tall people

The fast of the Dormition (falling asleep) of the Theotokos begins today. I am hoping that these coming weeks will allow a time for me to really consider Marian devotion in its biblical foundation and liturgical expression.  I am hoping that things from my head will find their way into my heart. 
-What is More-

I’ve obtained a basic arithmetic book and I am attempting to brush up on my skills. It has been five years since last I set foot in a math-oriented classroom, and many more years than that since I’ve done any basic math without a calculator. From the Minneapolis Central Library I obtained a book that will hopefully help me through division, fractions, basic algebra and the like. I am truly starting over and so far it feels wonderful.  I’ll be testing on August 15th for class placement at Metro State. It would appear that I will land somewhere between the Math for Fourth Graders course and the Teaching a Cave Man How to Count Rocks study group.
Well then, let’s not tarry. 

Israel and Lebanon

Israel and Lebanon are in conflict. I am very hesitant to share my thoughts, both because they are unformed and because the drone of talking heads has completely undone my ability to think clearly about this war. But for some reason I feel like sharing a few personal observations. Bear with me:
-I believe that Israel’s response is going to stir up more trouble than it will prevent.
-It seems to me that as terrible as the civilian casualties have been in Lebanon, Israel does not have its heart set on killing civilians indiscriminately. In contrast, Hezbollah’s rocket attacks are purposely indiscriminate.
-There are many Orthodox Christians in Lebanon, but that fact really does not sway me one way or another. 
-I am not a pacifist.
-I do not think we should have gone to war in Iraq though I have no idea whether we should stay or go now.
-It seems evident that Iran has much to do with this mess and that it may well work to their advantage
-I grew up in an environment where Israel always was given the benefit of the doubt due to the fact that mankind's salvation was tediously wrapped up in an issue of real estate.  And I do not believe this anymore.
There. Those are my thoughts.