August 4th, 2006


It's always the constant bleeding

Tomorrow I'll be spending much of my day moving, as the other LVC'ers and myself will be bringing the honored name of Beth Shalom to its new location.  We will live in the new home for a week, and then our year in the Volunteer Corps will have ended, and then we will go our separate ways as the 2006/2007 Volunteers take our place.  It is in odd thing to move twice in one week, but it's not too much of a bother.  I've been blessed with few possessions (at the moment) and so I don't think the stress will do away with me.  It's much more likely that the constant bleeding will do that.

No, no.  I jest.


I was in church this morning, going through my normal cycle of half-awareness leading to half-slumber, singing a response to the lines of the Magnificat.  Fr. Jonathan moved his censer past icons, passed stained-glass windows, and as I watched him I was met with a gentle sort of joy.  Joy to say: I am here - this is a blessing beyond all measure.  And then back half-asleep!