August 8th, 2006


Some Thoughts on Communion

I have been thinking about the Eucharist as both wedding feast and bed of consumation; a celebration both communal and personal.  It is a corporate celebration of the Son of God as well as a physical, intimate sharing with Him.  It is a sharing of nature: God gives His divinity to man.  And because it is so very phsyical, it can not be constrained to the Eucharistic liturgy alone.  Communion must be carried and expressed wherever I am whenever I am in this body, this body which is being given the the life of Christ.  This means that every physical act of mine, whether eating and drinking, walking, sharing words, or whatever it may be, should be done in the light of the mystical act of thanksgiving and communion that is the Eucharist.  Moreover, my actions after receiving the divine gift should be an imitation of the giving-God.  These actions should be full of grace, giving to friend and foe alike the things that are divine: love, time, kind words, mercy and peace and truth.  For Christ gives Himself to us that we might give Him to others.  It is a weighty task, one fraught with failure.  But I've found that the beauty of the task does not allow for giving up.

Tuesday is for the Weak

It is Tuesday and at times today I've felt that this constant busyness would absolutely crush me.  My head is tired and my body is hesitant.  I am confused.   This feeling can be likened to those incredible dreams when I cannot for the life of me move forward (or run quickly enough, or get onto the bed or up the stairs - whatever it may be).
But the Lord answers with gentle graces.  They come as kind words, as unexpected successes.  They come more importantly in vague bouts of nostalgia for things that are yet to come, good things.
I would hope that somehow something inside of me is being sanctified in all this.  Sanctified, not subdued, not set asunder, not merely exercised- but sanctified.  Lord, have mercy.