August 21st, 2006


Quickly now

I've not been able to post very much as of late.  Constant duties have got the best of me, and this is a blessing in diguise.

I do, however, wish to share with you the book I'm currently reading:  The Diary of a Country Priest by Georges Bernanos.  It was written in the thirties I believe, originally in French.  The book is poigant and cutting and the story is so emotionally rich that it makes it hard to read.  I recommend it.

Abby had a birthday last night.  She is worth all the celebration in the world.

Stay out of trouble.

The Stumps of Men

For several days I have been thinking a great deal about sin.  In defining sin as a failure to obey God's law, I feel there is a risk of conveying too abstract an idea of it.  People say such foolish things about sin, and as usual they never take the trouble to think.  For centuries now doctors have been discussing disease.  If they had been content to define it as a failure to obey the rules of health, they would long since have been in agreement
....And of course people always refuse to see beyond the individual fault.  But after all the transgression itself is only the eruption.  And the symptoms which most impress outsiders aren't always the gravest and most disquieting.  
...I believe, in fact I am certain, that many men never give out the whole of themselves, their deepest truth.  They live on the surface, and yet, so rich is the soil of humanity that even this thin outer layer is able to yield a kind of meagre harvest which gives the illusion of real living...
Therefore, when death has bereft them of all the artificial props with which society provides such people, they will find themselves as they really are, as they were without knowing it- horrible undeveloped monsters, the stumps of men.
Diary of a Country Priest