September 12th, 2006


Blessed are those who mourn

Tension, Disgust, Hope?

I think that the Christian who takes the time to honestly look at the world, its politics and culture and economics, will have no choice but to feel tension in his relation to this world.  I've been experiencing this tension myself, especially as of late.  The world is fallen and it drips with evil.  Looking beyond the obvious (murder, rape, theft, abuse, etc.), I feel the filth in every little detail: the way I spend my money, the way products are marketed, our self-help cultural, the loss of a holy sexuality, the damned annoying talk of "my rights" and "our rights" and the way we consider everything in economic terms, turning forests into "natural resources".  To be frank, it makes me hate the world and the way I live and the way I see others living.  But this hatred brings tension because as Christians we are called to love the people of the world and the physical world itself.  We don't just do this because what God created is good (albeit a very marred and scarred good), but because Christ came to restore the fallen world into the world of His Kingdom.  This Kingdom, of course, is coming- but at the same time it is also here, in a hidden way.  Thus, all that drips with evil has the potential to shine with holiness; things are not always as they seem.  So I do feel this tension.  I believe that Christians are called to a great amount of sheer disgust and mourning over the condition of things.  When one understands that every dollar one receives and spends is tied, inevitably to some amount of corruption and injustice, when one realizes that "rights" are the product of our sin, being that we need them because we regularly kill and oppress one another, the whole realm of living - especially in the Western world- becomes much darker.  We must mourn; almost everything we do is wrong, if not directly, then indirectly.  It reminds me that we are not so much in need of a Personal Lord and Savior as we are in need of the Savior of the World.