September 25th, 2006


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And we celebrated liturgy yesterday morning, a bright and beautiful occasion.  Fr. Jonathan was absent, leaving the newly ordained Fr. Bill to serve before the altar.  It was a wonderful thing in that, though he  hesitated from time to time (and how could he not, what with the rather detailed and archaic rubrics seemingly designed to obscure newcomers?!), the gospel was preached and the eucharist was celebrated and God's people were again re-created into His body.  This is life.  Life is not "what we make of it" but it is God's self-giving that makes us into His beloved Son.

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Abby and I have tentatively begun our wedding planning.  The end of April of the beginning of May looks promising.  This is all somewhat surreal but it is what it is and I am grateful for these good and perfect gifts given from above.

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I purchased new clothing this weekend:  fine silk garments, coats made of wool and mud, and grandiose hats with provocative feathers.