September 29th, 2006



I am enrolled in a wonderful multi-cultural philosophy class, with a professor whom I truly enjoy.  Last night we had the "God debate" and I found myself torn as to what and when to speak.  Coming from a heavily apologetic focused Christianity, I have this strange impetus within me that compels me to prove everything to everyone.  Perhaps one could claim that this is merely an honorable desire to defend the faith or, on the other end of the spectrum, perhaps it is just self-defeating pride.  I'm not sure.  

At any rate, my journey to and within the Orthodox Church has changed things.  Natural theology is somewhat looked down upon, as the notion of empirically proving God is non-sensical to many Orthodox theologians.  God is the axiom of which all other data is filtered through.  God is not and cannot be a conclusion of scientific research.  This does not deny empirical research-by no means- but it sets the empirical research within the realm of God, always mindful of what cannot be seen or known in light of God's transcendence.  

And yet I want to fight.  I have books on my bookshelf with confident arguments that I feel must be shared.  And I wonder: is it necessary?  Is it my duty as a follower of Jesus Christ to prove the existence of God?  Is the fact that we must "prove" the existence of God merely a profound condemnation of our own falleness?  I don't know.  Is God an axiom or a conclusion?